About Us

Exalt Expert Health Care Pvt.Ltd..

World class health care at your doorstep.
Exalt Expert Health Care is committed to providing you with highest quality Health Care professionals,We believe in keeping families together in the comfort of their home while giving them the care that they need.We understand that nothing is better, is better then being in the comfort of home surrounded by family. Exalt Expert Health care is a leading provider of health care in India. We use state of the art protocols and processes ,and have well- trained health care professionals who can help you recover better at the comfort of your own home.
We Carefully Screen each of Our employees, including An Extensive Background check and Drug Screen check. Exalt Expert Health Care provide services Are : Nursing services, Care Taker Personal Hygiene, Physiotherapy, N.G Tube Feeding, Dressing, bed sore Dressing, Surgical Dressing, E.TT. Care, Tracheostomy Care, Suctioning , Medicine, (Administration of Drugs) vitals monitoring, IN Take Out Put Monitoring, helping to dress up, helping to administration medication on time. Ambulatory( sitting, walking, transferring from bed to chair, chair to bed, Care of Old Age And bed ridden patients.
Exalt Expert Health Care pvt. Ltd. IN Punjab India
Looking for a House call of Nursing Services ? or Doctor visit , Physical Therapist? We believe in keeping families together in the comfort of their own home while giving them the care that they need. Call today if you or your love one needs some tender, love, and care. We are here to assist.
Our Nurses and Nursing attendants are well-trained to give patients quality care at home, especially post hospital release. Begin your journey to better and faster recovery through our home Nursing services.
Nursing is not a profession you can take lightly. As nurses, we get to deal with real people of different walks of life. That is why in order to ensure that quality Nursing care is provide 24/7 Exalt Expert Health Care pvt.Ltd..

Provide Services Are

  • Nursing services
  • ICU care at home
  • Tracheostomy care suctioning
  • N.G tube feeding
  • Medicine (adminstration of drugs)
  • vital monitorning, intake output monitoring
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Helping to dress up
  • Helping to adminstration medication on time
  • Sitting, walking transferring from bed to chair, chair to bed
  • Physiotherapy
  • Bed sore Dressing
  • Surgical dressing
  • E.T.T. Care
  • Cancer care
  • Cardiac care
  • Tracheastomy and ventilator care
  • Post surgical care
  • Palliative care
  • Stroke rehab